See this important documentary about China and Pakistan EC

It is very important and helpful documentary about the most important project between the China and the Pakistan. This project is going to be the reality very soon and this documentary is briefing about the benefits, which both countries will have after the completion. This project was initiated by our long lasting friend China and this is not the first time, that China is introducing this mega project in our country. China is our friend country and they have proven their friendship with their business and industries and plants in Pakistan.
CPEC is one of the major projects for the whole world, which will provide the benefits to not only China but, the Pakistan. This is only a road, but this road is connecting to countries from China to the Gawader, a city of the Pakistan. Due to this project, China will use our deepest sea port of the world for the business and in this way; this route will become the most important route for both countries. China has invested in our country in so many other mega projects like due to the earthquake of 2005, there was a great need for construction of the house and they build the houses in that affected areas. It was really a great achievement of their government.
It can be seen in the video, the school is shown, where little girls are studying. The video is showing the condition of the school and it is very clear that it is not able to sit in the classrooms but they are even studying while sitting in those classrooms. There are some signs of earthquake remaining on the walls of the classroom. Due to this project, they is investing a huge amount in building the Pakistan. They are focusing on the tribal areas of our country to build again.

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