How this baby is playing with a snake, awesome

It is a very shocking and amazing video about a baby, who is playing with a snake and this snake was a pet. In a first look, this snake seems very dangerous to the baby and it can be judge by the size of the snake that he is so much lengthy. This video of a baby was taken from a home, where they are having a snake like it is their pet. They told that this snake is living in their home when it was so small and now it has become so much large. It is harmless to the people of the home but people also feel fear from this snake.
It can be seen very clearly in the video that this baby is playing with the snake like he is playing with his toy. He is not feeling any fear and on the other hand, the snake is also moving on the floor of the home with baby like he knows everything about this home. It is really a very shocking video but it is also very amazing for some people, who do not feel fear from this animal. It is usual that people do not even want to see this animal near them, but this home is so strange that they are having this animal and it is living with them.
They told the media that they got this snake from the jungle and they brought with so much care. They all love it and this snake also loves with this family. They also told that it is totally harmless for them because it did not harm ever to any person from the home. Even it did not give harm to anyone outside the home. It is, in fact, a safety precaution that people must be very careful about these animals because they give harm without any reason and no one should trust on these animals.

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