Currency Crises in India

Corruption is like a virus and when it started in a system it started growing very quickly and infected all the system. It is one of the major factors which can totally destroy a system. There are many harms of the social evil including, injustice in everything and every matter of life and unequal distribution of benefits. It means there is only one drawback which in injustice but it has a lot of subcategories which effects especially poor people who cannot pay for corruption.
Corruption is the reason of increase in crime rate in a society because when someone is not given his right, most of the time these people are de-tracked by the feel of helplessness and on the other hand who have sufficient to pay, they get it advantage in doing unlawful and illegal activities which give them benefits and they easily move forward with any difficulty because they pay for it. This curse is existing and growing everywhere and in every system in the world. Though its rate varies from system to system but it is in every system.
A lot of people, specially patriots and social activist take stand against corruption but sometime they forcefully downed or they also become a victim. Some of the governments are tried to beat it but many times they failed to do so because of any inside job. There are many institutions and specialized departments are established for controlling and docking down corruption but it is not, in fact it cannot be totally removed.
Here is an example we can quote from India where is a big step is taken. Indian government decided to ban its 2 of the highest denomination, 500 and 1000 notes and they suddenly announced that these notes will not be effective for transaction. The decision was made because black money is being saved by people easily for controlling corruption. But it affected poor more because they are suffering from exchanging of their savings in these denominations from Bank. They have to wait for hours in queue for their turn. The step is not considered much effective.

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