Trump Decided American Flag Burners Punishment

After Donald Trump’s success in the US Presidential Election 2016, Hillary Clinton’s supported started protesting against Trump all over the country and in these protests many of the protesters use American flag to burn in protest. These incidents started increased day by day. This is considered disgracing and dishonor for America and new elected US president Donald Trump.
Increasing number of such news about burning American flag got attention of authorities. These news are rapidly broadcasting news channels and the issue is already become a point of discussion on social media where some of the people taking it very seriously and considering it a serious offense. After all, recently, US President Donald Trump himself took a notice on it and also warned people involved in such activities of flag burning.
He said in his tweet that anyone found involved in American flag burning will be deal strictly and the culprit will be panelized. He said suspect will be sent to prison at least for a year or his American citizenship can be canceled. Trump presidency considered it an offense and decided to deal with as a crime but we found it is legal to burn flag and it is not a crime.
Yes. It is legal. With past example and honorable judiciary said about it is legal. In 1984 a person, Gregory Lee Johnson burn American flag outside Republican Nation Convention in Dallas, Texas in protest against the policies of the President Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Johnson was arrested for his action of burning flag by the Texas administration which tried to disgrace. Johnson took this case to Supreme Court and after about five years of struggle he succeed to convince the honorable court that his actions and his speech were in protest against the administration for making first amendment.
So the burning of American flag in protest in protected.
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