Fish Population is in Danger

Fish population is collapsing around the world due to increasing demand of meat. Some of the countries which are enriched with fish are engaged in making money by netting fish for exporting purpose to meet increasing demand. Thailand is one of those countries. It is the third largest fish exporter around the world which exports a huge quantity of fish to the countries around the world.
Due to uncontrollable fishing in seas many of the species are taken to in danger and some of which had a huge population are now a little number of members and if they process will remain same in near future they will also in danger or may be completely vanished.
If this process of blind fishing has also affected sea and overall world environmental issues. One of them is of course imbalance in nature due to unexpectedly decrease in number of specific fish species due to their demand. Suchana Chavanich, Marine Biologist Chulalongkorn University, described about its impact. She told corals are home for fish and if they will disappear, fish and other sea lives will also disappear as they will be directly connected with them.
Thailand is threatened by Europe about the problem and the Thailand’s military government has already started taking it seriously. But many of species’ population are already damaged. Some of the villagers are not following the instruction about controlled fishing they have found many illegal fishing zones in deep sea where they can’t be caught. Kasem Yarnpratueng, a fishing boat captain, told his experience by which a rough idea can be estimated about the damage. He said in the past when I work as worker on fishing boat, we got tons of fish in just two rounds of lying net in the sea and now we have to lay nets three and four times. That means the number of fish has already dangerously decreased.

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