Role of Katrina Kaif in Panama leaks case

Everyone from the Pakistan is very well aware of the case of the Panama leaks, which has become the hottest issue in the case. When PTI heard about the news of the Panama leaks, it was really hard to believe because it was very clear that the Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef did great corruption and now he has been exposed by the Panama leaks. These leaks did not only expose the Prime Minister of the Pakistan, it also gave a huge jerk to the every nation and these leaks were enough to open the eyes of the whole world about their leaders.
Panama leaks were presented by a news reporter and now has become the great issue at the international level. It can be seen in this video that the Naeem Bukhari is being asked about the role of the Katrina Kaif in this case. It was really amazing because there is no relation in the Katrina Kaif and this case in the Pakistan. But the answer was really very amazing because he gave a very generic and the funny answer to the News Reporter. The answer of the Naeem Bukhari to the news reporter was exactly according to his funny nature.
He told the news reporter in a very funny tone that he has not met with the Katrina Kaif and so many days have been passed. When he will meet her, he will ask to her about her role in the Panama leaks case. It was really a very funny situation in the Supreme Court after the hearing of the case. All the lawyers of the case were there for the media briefing and all were talking about the case. Naeem Bukhari turned the side of the discussion towards a very funny side. It was really according to his funny nature.

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