Anti-Muslim Americans Threatened American Muslims

After Donald Trump’s success in US Presidential Elections 2016, Anti-Muslim Americans have started threatening American Muslims. They have courage to do that with the controversial statements by Trump about other colored and specially Muslims. Anti-Muslim activists started showing their hatred against Islam and Muslims across the country. It is happening from school bulling to harassment of Muslim women specially who wear hijab received hateful and threatening letters. There are more than 100 incidents recorded by CAIR targeting Muslim in the country.
Since the Presidential Election after spreading hatred against Muslims and promoting anti-Muslim activities Trump targeted those people who are against Islam with the perception of enmity and use these people for getting more votes in the race of the US Presidential Elections 2016. And finally, he succeeded to do that. The main concern is about what is happening across the country. This is not what we dealing with anti-Muslim people but in the US government there are many people are working with having authorities with the same perception about Muslims.
This is a hug concern people are facing. These anti-Muslim activists are trying to do everything to harm Muslims in the country eve around the world. One strange letter from an anonymous received written leave no one, with other such content in the letter and not ever expected a hate speech from White House add more in this.
In addition and the worse case is 6 threatening letters were sent to different mosques containing hate including statements, Muslims are vile and filthy people. There is new Sheriff in the town President Donald Trump. He is going to do with you what Hitler did with Jews. These letters were sent to 6 mosques in California and Georgia by Anti-Muslim activists. Every republican is not a racist in the same way that every Muslim isn't a terrorist.

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