New Beauty Contest – Miss and Mr Albino The Real beauty of Human

Nature is so beautiful and the nature’s best creation is human which the most beautiful creature in the universe. Nature created every species with a difference in its member to show their uniqueness which is also an amazing thing in itself. We found different species of animals with a difference even with a little but there is something different in them which nature put in them to maintain their uniqueness.
Similarly, nature maintains its rule of difference in human as we have found different authenticity and appearance in human which varies from region to region all over the world. These differences caused mostly due to the variation of weather of the regions which nature decided. Somewhere found tall people, somewhere they are small in their height, some are white skinned and some are black colored, some people have open big eyes, where some have small eyes, some people have thick lips and some have thin. These all disparity nature decided to maintain exclusivity which is necessary to identify people and also for their beauty.
But some of the people considered they are more superior to the other people on the basis of skin color, caste, region or some other things which no one can decide but only the nature. Nature is beautiful and it made everything beautiful now it depends on the viewer how he sees nature creation. Mostly black people considered abject due to their color. With this thought these people pushed back in every field of life.
Albino is one human authenticity which is one of the beautiful creations of the nature. They are different as rule of nature variety. But some of narrow minded people not considered them beautiful. But actually they are and they proved it. They have organized a beauty contest Miss and Mr Abino. In the contest a number of people participated including young and mature men and women. Albino children also participate in the contest. They display their beauty and proved that they are beautiful and can modeling with grace.

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