Somali Child Soldier

The world is burning with war and it flam is effecting everyone including men, women, young, old and also children are not remain safe from it. War is a revile for the world and humankind which devastate more than we envision since war influences for the most part remain longer after it. War pushed in reverse nations and countries. Life loss is one of the more terrible disasters in war. Numerous valuable human lives victimize including army officers, warriors, lawmakers and the most in number pure common people. Common men are the populace which gravely influence from war. They lost their darling and their properties. They experience the ill effects of absence of fundamental necessities like nourishment, drinking water, safe house, medications and numerous others.
There is a mannequin challenge about child soldiers in Somalia. The Somali army and the Al-Shabaab group are recruiting children as soldier in their armies. It shows children taken by force from their parents and training for fighting. A local NGO in the country is struggling to stop both of them for doing so. The NGO wants to make these children as alternative going to school for getting education for a better life.
NGO’s mission is to rescue children for forcing them to make child soldiers and rehabilitate them with education. The organization also defends the negative image of child soldiers and capital punishment they face in the country. Ilwad Elman, founder of Elman Peace and Human Rights Center, said children can be turn children again, once they are taken out from this environment.
A few people did not surrender at any cost and any condition. There are many NGOs are working for saving children to be recruited in armed forces in childhood. They are struggling to make them good citizen by educating them. But how long it is and how much more they need to go, no one knows.

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