Amazing fight between a boy and a girl

It is a very amazing video about the fight a between a boy and a girl. It can be seen in the video that the girl was going on her way. She was unaware of any incident, which was going to be happened with her. She was a very beautiful girl and she was in hurry. Suddenly a boy appeared in the scene, which was not looking good according to her appearance. The girl did not notice his presence. The boy started coming close to the girl gradually. At that time, the girl was unaware about him, who was coming to her.
In the meantime, the boy came very close to her and he started talking with her in a very disgusting manners. They girl tried to ignore the boy but he was not going behind. He tried to hold the girl and started misbehaving with her. The girl felt so bad and she tried to get rid of the boy. The boy was so much vulgar and started carrying the girl. It was the turning point of the story. She became so much hyper suddenly and started reacting in the same way.
She started beating him with her bag and she was not taking care of him. She was crying, in the same way, forced him to run from that place. The girl was crying and people were looking to the bravery of that girl. She went to him and dropped him on the ground. Some of the people were enjoying the scene and some were appraising the girl for her act. It was really a very beautiful moment when the boy felt that he should run away from that place as the girl was not going to leave her. The people came near her and they also helped the girl in beating him and he was shocked to see the crowd.

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