Army chief has started the farewell visits from now

It is breaking news about the army chief that the duration of the service is going to end of the twenty-eighth of the November and he has started the farewell visits to meet the higher command of the army. It is known by everyone that the army Chief General Raheel Shareef is one of the most popular and loving people of our nation. He collected a lot of love from the nation and it was due to his bold steps against the crimes and terrorism, which were not coming to an end.
army chief did great work for the stoppage of the terrorism and brought our nation to an edge, where we can say that our nation is very peaceful now as compare than the previous time and our army is also able to face any challenge. He has started his farewell visits and every Pakistani is so much tensed due to his departure. There are very few people in the history of the Pakistan, who collected this much love from their nation. If we talk about the great leaders of the world, the name of the General Raheel Shareef will be at the top.
It can be seen in the video that he visited the Lahore garrison at the start of their farewell visits. He also gave a very heart touching speech over there and told them that they have the courage and ability to face any hurdle of the world. He also told that Pakistan army is the best army from the whole world because this army fights with the passion and fights having a cause. No another nation has any cause to fight like them. He told them that now the Pakistan is a very strong nation and nobody should think that they can harm this nation.
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