Fantastic jump by the Sohail Khan

The news came about the fielding of the Sohail Khan in the test match, which is being played now a day between Pakistan and the New zee Land. Sohail khan is one of the most talented and energetic player of our international cricket team. He is all-rounder and he is played very well during the whole series of the test matches with the New Zee Land. This video is showing an amazing moment of the fielding of the Sohail Khan, when he was running behind the ball. He could not stop the ball and ball crossed the boundary but he also crossed the boundary with an amazing jump.
It can be seen clearly in the video that after the hit of the batsmen, Sohail Khan is running behind the ball. He was running in full speed behind the ball. At last ball crossed the boundary but Sohail Khan could not stop himself and he also crossed the boundary. The amazing moment of the video was that when he jumped from the boundary wall to avoid himself from the collision with the boundary wall. It was looking so much hard for him to stop himself before the boundary wall and it happens when a man runs on his full throttle.
It was not the first incident when the fielder crossed the boundary wall because these types of incidents have been happened in the history when they did something strange and amazing to avoid them from collision. This collision may be hazardous for the field because of the speed. It is also said as the best decision during the running at the speed. It can be seen that the audience were also there and they all appreciated the Sohail Khan on his jump from the boundary wall. They all were clapping to appreciate him for the better fielding.

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