See this most amazing moment of BPL

This video came from the most amazing cricket event which is known as the BPL. This video captured very stunning moments about a wicket when the Pakistani fast bowler Wahab Ahmed took the wicket of the Pakistan batsmen Ahmed Shahzad. This was really so amazing moment and everybody enjoyed this moment. It should be mention here that these both cricket stars are playing in the BPL but they are playing on the opposite teams. It can be seen in the video that the bowler Wahab Ahmed bowled the Ahmed Shahzad but he could not face the ball and a long shot became the reason of the catch out.
The BPL event is so much interesting and being arranged by the Bangladesh. They also decided to arrange this event after India launched their event as IPL and Pakistan also arranged this event as PPL. It is also very much clear that Pakistani premier league got so much popularity as compare than Indian Premier League and Bangladesh premier league. These events are so much interesting and every cricket star is purchased by different teams. The attraction of this event is the thrill, which is the most popular thing of this BPL.
When Wahab Ahmed bowled to Ahmed Shahzad and he could not face the ball and Shahid Afridi catch the ball to send him out of the ground, it was the really enjoyable moment. It was the noticeable thing that in an international event, the bowler was also a Pakistani, the batsman was also a Pakistani and the person who took the catch was also a Pakistani. This is, in fact, the reason that made this moment in BPL more memorable and everybody who watched the moment really enjoyed it. It can be seen in the video that when Ahmed Shahzad was going out of the ground, he was smiling and it was looking like he also enjoyed a lot. 

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