What happens while sleeping with two wives, see here?

It is really very funny and amazing video about having two wives at the same time and its different effects on the routine life. It can be seen in the video that a man is sleeping with two wives at the same time on the same bed. He sleeping on the edge of the bed and the two wives are sleeping in the center and feeling relax. It might be possible that one of the wives thought an idea at that time. She woke up and slap to the second wife.
It is also very much clear from the video that these two wives are not good with each other. She again went to sleep just after slapping the second wife. As the second wife felt pain on her face, she woke up and saw the husband. She moved to the first wife and saw that she is sleeping. It was not possible that the first wife slaps her according to the second wife. She believed that it was her husband, who slapped her while she was sleeping. Just after thinking this thing, her anger reached at the top suddenly and she started beating her husband.
As she started beating her husband, her husband woke up and in the meanwhile, she pushed her husband with full force and her husband went down from the bed. In the meantime, the second wife woke up and started smiling, This was not the first incident, which happened in the only this home, this is the story of every home, which is having the two wives. This is not so simple to have the two wives because it brings the hustle in life and it becomes very hard for the single man to manage with two wives. The major thing is the understanding between the two women, if it is there than everything would be there.

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