What Virat Kohli is doing with ball, see her?

It is an amazing video about the Virat Kohli, which was taken during the match and once, this video created great hustle in the India but was cleared away by ICC. It is really astonishing video in which it can be clearly seen that the most famous cricketer of the Indian Cricket team is doing the ball tempering. This video was taken during a match when he came for the bowling and he is doing the ball tempering by using the chewing gum. It can be seen that the Indian captain Virat Kohli was thinking that he will never be caught on the cameras but he was captured.
It can be seen in this video that the Virat Kohli is doing something strange with the ball. It is said that he is doing a very shameful act during the act. It is also shown that Virat Kohli is the player of a cricket team, who is claiming to be the king of the cricket and what the captain of this cricket team is doing with the ball is really disgusting. Virat Kohli was trying to swing the ball by using the chewing gum and he was caught by the cameras.
When this issue was highlighted in front of the ICC that the Indian captain is doing this disgusting act, they gave an excuse. They did nothing on this matter because this video was taken from an old match and according to the policies of the ICC, now they cannot take any action against the Virat Kohli. The behavior of the ICC was also very strange because they are clearly having a biased behavior on the matter of Virat Kohli. This is, in fact, a true picture of the Indian team captain and this is the hidden reality of their continuous success.

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