Did ISI Help Herminder Singh to escape from Jail

It is really a great video about the ISI, which is the hidden power of the Pakistan that it helped the founder of the Khalistan Tehreek, to escape from the jail. It was really great breaking news on the channels of the whole India and this news shook the whole Indian government. In fact, it was such a great news that everyone in the world, who knows the inner matters of the Indian government, that how much it was good for the people, who are in the favor of this movement. It is also a reality that the government of the India is trying to fully crush this movement but Sikh people are not going back.
Before some days, it was heard about the ISI that the most active person of the Khalistan movement escaped from the jail. It was also great news for the people in the favor of this movement. The Indian government is dealing with these people in very harsh manners and they are trying to even finish these people. It is also true that now this movement has been spread in the whole India and it is being strong with every coming day. The story of the escape was told on the Indian news channel as some armed people attacked the jail in the darkness of the night and escaped the founder of this movement.
After some day, the Indian media started telling the stories about the escape of this so much, important person. They were not blaming their own security forces, but they clearly told that ISI is involved in this whole matter. It is also said that there is a big hand of the ISI in the growth of this movement in the India and it is also said that ISI is fully supporting this movement to separate the India.

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