Message for Muslims by American Activist

Countless news are reported and still are being reported on daily basis that anti-Muslims activist teasing Muslims in the America. These incidents suddenly increased in the country after controversial speech by newly elected American President who was in those days were a Presidential candidate. His statement promoted hatred against the Muslims in the country and those people who hate extremist people who hate Muslims get courage because of his statement. Nobody, from politicians showed a proper boycott and even they did not show any reaction on that.
This statement was also promoted by white house and other people who are anti-Muslim activist. On the other hand, Trumps women assaults incidents were criticized in any ways and by every community, which was a proper step but in the regard of his statement against Muslims was not properly followed up. Due to these incidents many Muslims families who are migrants decided to go to their homelands but some of them decided to live in the country and fight for their right of free of religious.
Many people, who were not anti-Muslims, started participating in these activities where Muslims are harming and threatening. Some of the people who are patriots and justice, those are really less in number, protested against these activists. But many of them could not do so because of threat to be a victim of this them.
One of them is Justin Normand, a person from Texas. He is also an activist but he is a true patriot. He stood in front of a mosque with a play card mentioned statements in Muslims favor. Normand said, it is shocking when someone is being targeted just because he is worship of some other God. This is not real America and it is not freedom. Normand type of people should be supported who are working for maintaining peace.
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