Hundreds of Years Old Classical Indian Dance Form

Dance is way to display the beauty of woman by making some specific movements. It is much older even no one can say anything about its origin and its discovery. It has a huge history. But there are some facts are known about dance. In the beginning classical dance forms were found. Many of the old people, especially who noticed it as deeply and understand the beauty of dance, like traditional and classical forms of dance.
Classical dance forms have some similarities like clarity in moves, facial and eyes expressions, slow and influencing movement. Traditional dances forms are also a part of classical dance forms. These traditional dance forms differ from region to region, people to people and civilization to civilization. Many of the people dedicated to preserve their traditional dance forms and promoting them with their additions and efforts. They dedicated their selves to pass it on to their next generation with the advice and spirit of spreading it.
With such efforts some of the classical and traditional dances forms are become much popular not only in their native countries but all over the world. India is the home of cultural dance forms. Many of the oldest ever dance forms belong and originated in India.
The story is about one of such dedicated and ambitious people who dedicate their self in serving of their cultural heritage. She travels from city to city to promote Indian classical dance by learning and teaching it to other native ladies who want to learn it. She is not alone in her mission but she has many other companions. This is not just about to have fun but this is something more then it. She travel city to city to learn with the craze of dance learning. It is like some kind of meditation and appealing for every age of women.
One of the dance teacher said it is a soul touching and a way to find out your soul.

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