Most stunning news about Pak army from Indian Media

It is really the very stunning video about the Indian media, in which they are telling about the current war between the Pak army and Indian army. The Indian media reported totally fake news about the Pak army that when they attacked the Indian border, they killed some soldiers of the Indian army and after cutting their heads, they went to the Pakistan. It was really very shocking news by the Indian media and according to the Pakistan army, they are reporting a fake news, which is totally a wrong reporting by them.
It can be seen in the video that Indian media is showing a picture of their soldier, who was shot down by the Pak army and they cut off the head of this soldier and brought to the Pakistan. According to the Indian media, it was the height of brutality by the Pakistan army and they are protesting against this brutality on the international level. In fact, it was not the first time that they are reporting this face news and also protesting on this act on the international plate form against the Pakistan army, they have reported a lot of fake news and they sometimes release these types of news to take the sympathy of their general public.
If we talk about our army, they all are the Muslims and they always fight for a cause. They cannot do anything, which will be counted in the brutality of the humanity. They are talking about the Pak army but they are not looking to the Indian army, that what they are doing in the Kashmir. They have crossed all the limits of the disgrace of the humanity, but no one is talking about their disgrace. Every country in the world actually knows the real face of the Indian media that how they behave.

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