What Supreme Court said about the PM?

Supreme Court is the largest organization of our country, which sees the matters of the justice in the whole country. It is the Supreme organization of the country, which also has an eye on the performance of the government policies. They deal with the national level matters and has the right to have a decision power on these matters. Now a day, the matter of the Panama Leaks has become the hottest issue of our country. It has become the hottest because our Prime Minister is also involved in this matter. The decision has been reached in the Supreme Court and they are looking into this case.
The hearing in the Supreme Court is being carried out and both the major parties of our country have come in front of one another for the decision. PTI has become the street power of our country and they took action on the Panama leaks when the whole world heard that the Prime Minister of the Pakistan is also involved in this case. They are trying to prove in the court that the Prime Minister of the Pakistan is involved in the corruption and they have done the corruption on the money of the public of the Pakistan.
The court is looking into this matter very seriously and they have given very rough remarks about the position of the Prime Minister because he has not given any clear justification for this crime. The crime of the Prime Minister is so much large and he is unable to give any clear justification for the money, they got to buy the flats in the London. This unclear justification has become very difficult and the Supreme Court remarked about the status of the Prime Minister that he should clear justification about his status according to the position; he is having in the country.

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