How Sarfraz took the Brilliant catch in a match

It is the very amazing video about a catch of the Sarfraz on the bowl of Rahat Ali. It was really brilliant and awesome because no one was expecting that it can be held but he did it and everyone in the crowd was astonished to see this great moment. It was a test match, which was being played between the teams of the Pakistan and the new zee land. It can also be seen in the video that at first bowl, the Rahat born a four and he was looking so much frustrated due to this stroke.
In the second ball, when this amazing and brilliant catch was taken by the Sarfraz. This was the ball by the Rahat Ali and it was really a mystery for the batsmen. The reason was that the batsman was looking so much confused and he was looking like he could not understand the ball and at last he gave the catch and the keeper got it. This catch was from one of the most amazing and brilliant catches. These were the catches when it was said that it will not be possible for the fielder to hold it but the fielder took the catch and astonished the whole crowd.
The same thing happened in the match. When the Rahat Ali threw the ball to the batsman, he was not in a condition to face the ball properly. This misunderstanding became the reason of the catch. Due to this misunderstanding, it was rise but it was so much difficult for the Wahab to hold it. But with a very long drive, he holds the catch and all the crowd was felt a lot.
According to the audience, this moment was the moment of the day and during the whole day, this moment was the best moment.
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