How this fire captured the whole city, freaking

It is really a freaking video about the fire, which captured the whole city in a very short time and everything started burning in a meanwhile. This video was taken from a foreign country, where the fire was triggered in the oil refinery but it became out of control in a very short time. The reason for the increase in the fire was the fuel, which was increasing the intensity of the fire. It can also be seen in the video that everything in the video is burning. People are trying to get escape from it and the fire tenders are trying to control the intensity, which not being controlled.
It is also very clear from the video that the people, who are trying to avoid the way of the fire, has been trapped and they are finding no way. A car of the white color can be seen in the video that the people in the car are looking towards a tree, which is about to fall. They have been stopped because they looking for the safe way but everything has been covered by it. The voice of the vehicle can also listen in this video.
A house can also be seen in this video, which has been started burning and in a very short time, it has been covered by the flames. The tree is looking so horrible, whose top is burning with the flames and the flames are touching the sky. It can be seen in the video that there are so many cars, which are finding a safe way to leave the city. The scene of the air is very much freaking in the video that nothing is looking in the sky except the smoke. This is really a shocking situation, which was created in the city area due to these flames.

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